Calvary Church Seeks Rector

Historic Calvary Church, Pittsburgh, is seeking its 16th rector, has released a profile, and welcomes inquiries until June 30.

Calvary’s profile says, in part:

Calvary’s rectors worked to bring about positive change in society. The Rev. Dr. James Hall McIlvaine, 7th rector of Calvary Church, helped found the Church Pension Fund. The Rev. Dr. Samuel Moor Shoemaker, 12th rector of Calvary Church, was one of the early proponents of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Calvary continues to offer our physical space in ministry to AA and approximately 35 other civic groups and organizations.

Calvary was at the forefront of the ordination of women in the Episcopal Church. In 1974, the Rev. Beryl Choi, one of the first ordained women in the Church’s history, became the first woman to hold a continuing parish appointment as a priest in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Since then, women have always been represented among the clergy at Calvary.

… More recently, the Rev. Dr. Harold T. Lewis, 15th rector of Calvary Church and the first African American in that role, led the congregation in the face of a breakaway movement in the diocese. Calvary was the leading force in preserving the assets, governance and heritage of the Episcopal Church in southwestern Pennsylvania during an unprecedented schism. Even still, we had the wherewithal to build upon earlier restorations of our sanctuary and conducted a successful capital campaign, resulting in an award-winning restoration of the parish house.

Image by Nyttend (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Calvary Profile 2013


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