Telling Haitian Stories

Adapted from the Diocese of Alabama

In January, Diocese of Alabama seminarian Mary Balfour Van Zandt and her Seminary of the Southwest classmate Kellaura Johnson, from the Diocese of Texas, spent three weeks in Haiti gathering and communicating stories of the Episcopal Church there.

“Our desire was to spend three weeks in Haiti working alongside, listening to, and forming relationships with Episcopal Haitians,” Van Zandt said. “Our vision for our trip was to communicate the stories of the Episcopal Church in Haiti in a manner that magnifies the mission of the Church in Haiti and inspires people to view the Church in a new light.”

… The seminarians were “blessed to have had the opportunity to spend three weeks with our brothers and sisters in this amazing country,” Van Zandt said. “The Episcopal Church in Haiti is diverse, strong, working hard for the poor, and most importantly focused on Christ and being the hands and feet of Jesus. It is our hope that our communication efforts have shown the Episcopal Church in Haiti in a true and good light.”

Those stories are available on this weblog.

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