Acolyte Olympics!

Youngsters from several congregations of the Diocese of Los Angeles took part in a day of fun and some serious, if disguised, training at Acolyte Olympics March 9 at St. James’ Church, South Pasadena. The first photo shows a Team Torch Obstacle Course.

Participating congregations included the Cathedral Center Congregation of St. AthanasiusSt. Mark’s, Van Nuys; St. Edmund’s, San Marino; St. Francis of Assisi, Simi Valley; Immanuel, El Monte; Holy Trinity/St. Benedict’s, Alhambra, and St. James’, Pasadena.

Another challenge: Crucifix Limbo. Other games included Liturgical Simon Says, Great Vigil Endurance Squats, Liturgical Trivia, Hymn Hum and the Javelin Torch Toss. 

The group from Alhambra prevailed, and its members served at the Eucharist that ended the day’s activities. The diocesan Program Group on Youth Ministries sponsored the event, which was coordinated by PGYM member and St. James’ youth leader Todd Blackham.

Text and photos adapted, with permission, from The Episcopal News, the diocesan newspaper of Los Angeles.

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