Global Anglicanism

Titus Presler writes at Titus on Mission on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s inaugural sermon:

“We are an international church.” That’s a simple and obvious statement, but it contains a lot. It signifies that the Anglican Communion transcends national identities at the same time that its life must be expressed through the many particular cultures of the communion. Thereby it both celebrates the incarnational dimension of local expression and prophesies against normatizing, still less absolutizing, any particular ethnolinguistic identity or history.

The statement signifies that the rootedness of Anglican life in the history of the Church of England is now equaled and even surpassed by the vital diversity of Anglican life around the world. Practically, it also signifies that the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury involves balancing direct responsibility for the CofE and the Province of Canterbury with more diffused but equally important responsibility for the collaborative relationships among the 44 provinces of the communion.

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Image: The Press Association, via Anglican Communion News Service


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