Canterbury Enthronement Set

From Canterbury Cathedral:

The Enthronement Service to celebrate the start of the new Archbishop’s Ministry will be held at the Cathedral on Thursday 21st March, which incidentally is the Feast of St Benedict in the calendar of the Prayer Book, and also the first day of Spring; a sign of new growth and renewal.

… The Service will be broadcast live on the radio and on BBC 2. Many hours have been spent with the BBC, planning coverage of the Service; there will be 19 TV cameras inside and outside the Cathedral. There will also be many TV monitors installed inside the Cathedral, so that all of the congregation can see all of the Service – one difficulty with a full Cathedral is that, having been a monastic building for many centuries, the interior has been divided into discrete areas, thereby limiting lines of sight.

… The sheer demand for press coverage has meant that a media village will be created to accommodate the camera crews, presenters, photographers and journalists. Live News feeds and broadcasts are expected on the eve of the Enthronement and throughout Breakfast news on the Thursday from the BBC, ITN and Sky.

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If any TLC readers in the United States are able to arrange listening or viewing parties, please send us details that we might share with other readers.

Image: Canterbury Cathedral from the cloisters by Kai Hendry [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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