A Brother in Chains

Michael Avramovich writes at Touchstone magazine’s Mere Comments:

Many of us have heard of the terrible plight of [the Rev.] Saeed Abedini, the American pastor who was sentenced in late January to eight years in the notorious Iranian Evin prison for his Christian faith. Press reports indicate that Pastor Abedini is being beaten and tortured in prison, as well as being subjected to psychological abuse. Further, he is being denied regular access to his family.

In addition to praying for Pastor Abedini and his family (he has two young children), if you, and/or your Sunday School group, or small group, or your parish and church wish to send Pastor Abedini a short note of encouragement, the address to the Evin prison is as follows:

Pastor Saeed Abedini
Evin Prison
Saadat Abad
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran


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