‘Welcome to Duke’

In a YouTube video published Feb. 20, the Bishop of North Carolina interviews the Rev. David Marshall, the new director of the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies at Duke Divinity School. Marshall, who was appointed in November, also is a Duke associate professor of the practice of Christian-Muslim relations. The Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry interviewed Marshall at the divinity school.

Marshall is an ordained priest in the Church of England, as well as a scholar in the field of Islamic Studies, with a Ph.D. from Birmingham University. In the past seven years he has taught in a variety of settings, including the universities of Edinburgh, Oxford, and Notre Dame in London, and the Cambridge Theological Federation.

Most recently he has worked as a research fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University, where he was the academic director of the Building Bridges Seminar for Muslim and Christian scholars.

Marshall also served for five years as chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, working successively with George Carey and Rowan Williams. He has experience in college chaplaincy, serving parishes, and teaching at an Anglican theological college in Kenya. He and his wife, Helen, also a priest in the Church of England, have two sons.


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