Fond du Lac: Remain in Unity

The Rt. Rev. Russell E. Jacobus, Bishop of Fond du Lac, addressing the annual diocesan convention on the topic of same-sex blessings:

For me this is not an issue of legislation, but of conscience and polity. If I give permission for the Blessing of Same Sex Relationships in the Diocese, I am saying that I have no theological difficulty with it. But, in fact, I have serious reservations.

Therefore, because I do not believe we are prepared in this diocese to proceed with the Blessing of Same Sex relationships, and because this is not something that I can encourage and support as your Bishop, the proposed liturgy or anything like it will not be authorized for use in the Diocese of Fond du Lac.

What I would like to see is for all congregations to observe a period of prayer, discernment and study, using the resources in “Liturgical Resources 1.” I would like to see open discussions on the local level where people of opposing views can talk and listen to one another — and remain in unity with one another in Christ.

Read the rest [PDF].

Bishop Jacobus also announced [PDF] that he will retire Oct. 31, 2013, and called for the next annual convention to elect his successor.

Photo of Bishop Jacobus at the Lambeth Conference, 2008, by the Diocese of Fond du Lac


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