Two Responses to Bp. Henderson

Bishop Dorsey Henderson’s statement, published Oct. 12 by The Living Church, has prompted a response by the Anglican Communion Institute. An excerpt:

[U]nless we have entered a Kafkaesque realm of canonical jurisprudence, one cannot be found to have “abandoned” The Episcopal Church if one has unarguably complied fully with the Constitution and canons and one’s ordination vows.

A.S. Haley also has responded at Anglican Curmudgeon:

If the Disciplinary Board certifies the flimsy acts spelled out in the document published on South Carolina’s website as constituting “abandonment,” it will have acted even worse (if that is possible) than did the old Title IV Review Committee in the case of Bishop Duncan. And for the second time in its history, the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops will have decided to remove one of its own members, a sitting and functioning bishop, from his diocese without any overt act on his part of renunciation or departure — indeed, in spite of all his protestations to the contrary.


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