Survey: How Do You Engage the Bible?

Adapted from Anglican Communion News Service:

As part of the Bible in the Life of the Church project we are undertaking a Communion-wide survey of the way Anglicans understand and engage with the Bible. We rightly say the Bible is central to our life together but we also engage with it and interpret it in different ways. What are those differences? Why might there be differences? What can we learn from those who differ from us?

We are undertaking this survey by means of a questionnaire that is now available online and in a downloadable paper form. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and we want as many Anglicans as possible to get involved — either individually or through their local churches.

We also want to use the questionnaire as a way that churches can explore further the way they engage with the Bible, the processes used. So we have written a five-session course outline that looks in more depth at the issues that lie behind the questionnaire.

The results from the survey will be included in the final reports that come from the project when it reports to Anglican Consultative Council at its next meeting in November 2012.

Here are the various ways you can be involved in the survey and the necessary links or contacts.

  1. Get your church or group to participate together using paper or online completion. For details look at “Guidelines for distribution and collection.”
  2. Take part individually in the online survey.
  3. Use the survey as part of a Bible-study program [course notes in PDF].

Stephen Lyon
Coordinator of the Bible in the Life of the Church Project


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