TLC Archive 2012

Lent Book Issue - February 26, 2012

Executive Council Cuts Draft Budget

Review Essays
Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind
by Mark A. Noll
Review by Paul J. Griffiths

The Resurrection of Jesus
by Michael R. Licona
Review by Garwood P. Anderson

Prophecy and Hermeneutics and
The Goodly Fellowship of the Prophets
by Christopher R. Seitz
Review by Daniel Muth

To Hear the Word
by John Howard Yoder
Review by Michael Cover

From Meetinghouse to House of God - February 12, 2012

Merry Times at Mere Anglicanism

From Meetinghouse to House of God
Reverse Engineering the Crystal Cathedral
By Matthew Alderman

Balancing Worship and Tourism at Old North Church, Boston
By Joe Thoma

The Sacred Castle
Review by Douglas LeBlanc

A Conversation on Tradition and Homosexuality - January 29, 2012

Father Steenson: ‘Leave All that Anger Behind’

T. Grayson Dashiell: Secretary and Envoy
By Worth E. Norman, Jr.

Christ the Key by Kathryn Tanner
Review by Corey L. Barnes

Of Pilgrims and Fire by Roy M. Anker
Review by Daniel Muth

Guest Column
A Tale of Two Grandmothers
By Boyd Wright

Christian Unity - January 15, 2012

Bishops Pledge Support to Sudan

Review Essay
How Can the Petrine Ministry Be a Service
to the Unity of the Universal Church?

edited by James F. Puglisi
Review by Mary Tanner

Dag Hammarskjöld: Christian Peacemaker
By Nigel A. Renton

Harvesting the Fruits
by Walter Cardinal Kasper
Review by Sarah Rowland Jones

True and False Reform in the Church
by Yves Congar
Review by Jared Wicks, SJ

Churches Reclaim Their Role in Healing - January 1, 2012

LeMarquand to Serve Region He Loves
The Rev. Grant LeMarquand was in Egypt last year, preparing for a retreat at a monastery, when the Most Rev. Mouneer D. Anis invited him out for coffee. The bishop asked his friend a life-changing question: Would he consider being appointed an assistant bishop serving the Horn of Africa?