TLC Archive 2012

Spiritual Geographic - July 15, 2012

Budget Debate Grows More Fraught


Orderly Counsel
Essays in Advance of General Convention 2012

Spiritual Geographic
By Michael B. Cover

Ordered Administration
By Cheryl White

This Fellowship of Love and Prayer
By Phoebe Pettingell

Not All Souls Are Saints
By Daniel H. Martins

Indianapolis Churches to Visit while at General Convention

Christ Church Bustles on the Circle - July 1, 2012

A Blue Book Sampler

Christ Church Bustles on the Circle
By Lauren Anderson

Daughters Reap and Sow in a New Century
By Grace Sears

Queen’s Reign Marks a Transformed Anglicanism
By John Martin

Reconciliation and Coffee
An interview with the Bishop of Durham
By Daniel H. Martins

Reading the Blue Book with St. Irenaeus
By Mark Allen Howell

Holy Women, Holy Men Misconstrued
By Jeffrey Rowthorn

Aided by Their Prayers
By Derek Olsen

Saint of the Sierra: John Muir - June 17, 2012

A Bishop Suffragan for Haiti

Saint of the Sierra: John Muir
By Anne Rowthorn

Orderly Counsel
Essays in Advance of General Convention 2012
A Measuring Rod
Canon Law in the Life of the Church
By Benjamin M. Guyer

One Use
The Book of Common Prayer as Constitutional Document
by John C. Bauerschmidt

Parish Administration Issue - June 3, 2012

Paul Avis on the Anglican Covenant

‘I Am God and No Mortal’
Review by Michael B. Cover

H. Boone Porter’s Enduring Influence
Teacher of Critical Thought by Leonel L. Mitchell

The First Article by H. Boone Porter, Jr.

Liturgical Scholar, Friend, and Mentor by Louis Weil

Losing Our Father by Lawrence N. Crumb

Orderly Counsel and General Convention - May 20, 2012

New Chapters for Three Bishops

Why Did Christ Rise?
By Patrick T. Twomey

Orderly Counsel
Essays in Advance of General Convention 2012

By Christopher Wells

Four Roles of General Convention
Custodian • Steward • Source • Town Hall
By Timothy E. Kimbrough

Remembering Gerre Hancock - May 6, 2012

Bishops Expand Pastoral Care

So Great a Cloud of Memories
By Derek Olsen

Gerre Hancock’s Improvised Fun
A Remembrance
By Douglas LeBlanc

Our Unity in Christ series
Two Communion Cultures
By Peter M. Doll

The Living Paul by Anthony C. Thistleton
Review by Richard Kew

A Companion to Bede by J. Robert Wright
Review by Daniel Muth

Honoring Oliver O'Donovan - April 22, 2012

Roger Ferlo’s Venture Capital

In Honor of Oliver O’Donovan

Listener to the Word: Introduction
By Mark L. MacDonald, convener

Recovering a Sense of Place
By Michael Nai-Chiu Poon

Patient Teacher to All
By Peter Widdicombe

One Under Authority
By John Webster

Critic of Hubristic Modernity
By Daniel A. Westberg

Raspberries in Cambridge
A poem by Samuel Keyes

Christ Has Trampled Down Death - April 8, 2012

A Coup for Cambridge

Anglican Alliance after One Year
By John Martin

Spacial Catholicity
By Mark D. Chapman

Second Annunciation
By Jon Adamson

Take Your Place at God’s Banquet
By Daniel H. Martins

To Change the World
by James Davison Hunter
Review by Jordan Hylden

Christian Peace and Nonviolence
edited by Michael G. Long
Review by Scott Bader-Saye

Let Us Reclaim Our Family - March 25, 2012

Bishop, Wife Killed at Home

A Pioneering Episcopacy:
Remembering John Sperry
By Ron Csillag

Let Us Reclaim Our Family:
Seeking Reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles
By Brian Cox

Church vs. Reich
By Leander S. Harding

Transforming Relations
edited by Franklin T. Harkins
Review by Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
by Eric Metaxas
Review by Robert S. Dannals

Joseph's Sheltering Arms - March 11, 2012

Haiti Team Considers Architects for Cathedral

Parish Evangelism for a Different Era
By Kevin Goodrich

Receptive Ecumenism
Anglican Centre in Rome Supports a Shared Spiritual History
By Charles E. Jenkins III
and Mary Reath

Walking Together in Haiti
An Experiment in Transformation
By Mark Harris

Joseph’s Sheltering Arms
By David Baumann and Elizabeth Ashlie Marie Ward

Texans Read, Mark, Learn