Teachers and learners: Catching the kingdom together

Teachers and learners: Catching the kingdom together We "catch" our religion from one another; we join our teachers in the faith in holy fellowship.

5 holy habits of discipleship

5 holy habits of discipleship Opposition and hardship can bring out a person’s genuine character. That was certainly true in the case of Jesus. When Jesus decided to “set his face to go to Jerusalem,” the city that “kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it,” he knew that powerful people were angry with him (Luke 9:51 and 13:34). Many of them were actively opposing his mission and seeking to enlist others to work...

Wonder Woman and the power of truth

Wonder Woman and the power of truth In a weird way, and one that her creator, William Moulton Marston, certainly never would have anticipated, Wonder Woman is an icon of Christian discipleship.

Seeking the Lord’s face and seeing his back

Seeking the Lord’s face and seeing his back On Monday, July 21, the Word of the Lord came to me. Sort of. But I only recognized him when he had already gone.

Building faith that will last

Matt Marino writes: “All branches of the American church have a problem retaining young adults.”

Renewing your youth

The 15-year-old of a decade ago is the 25-year-old dropping out of church today.

Mission & the Daily Office II

In my previous post on this topic I addressed how, in our post-Christian context, the Office can serve to renew the catechumenate and foster discipleship. In this one I want to point out how this can relate to the issue — rather obsessively pushed by some in TEC in recent times — of Communion Regardless of Faith and Baptism. I use this phrase because it gets beyond the spin we get talking only...

Mission & the Daily Office I

One of the great achievements of the liturgical revisions of the last century for Anglicans lies in making the Eucharist the central act of worship for the church. Yet one of the attendant misfortunes, which seems to have happened almost by accident, and which scholar and blogger Derek Olsen has repeatedly lamented and sought to change, is how the Daily Office slowly yet systematically began to be...

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