Do not hinder them

Do not hinder them How do we welcome our children and not hinder them in their search for Christ? We begin by honoring them as people made in the image and likeness of God and taking seriously their ability to worship God in a manner that is just as full of awe, wonder, and power as any adult.

Teaching with power and love

For those who have been called to teaching, “we should not think it is sufficient for our salvation” if we shirk our duties in a time of theological malaise; it is not enough if we come up simply to the level of an “untaught crowd” (Bede, Homily 1.20). Make no mistake: the teachers of the Church will be judged for this turn.

Building faith that will last

Matt Marino writes: “All branches of the American church have a problem retaining young adults.”

My weekend as a detective

Expect bad karma when you steal from a priest.

Sunday Sermon: Reforming tastes

There are questions, of course, about what constitutes a matter of taste. But few of us would really disagree that once you do find that mystical territory of taste, rational argument doesn’t enter into it.

Mission & the Daily Office I

One of the great achievements of the liturgical revisions of the last century for Anglicans lies in making the Eucharist the central act of worship for the church. Yet one of the attendant misfortunes, which seems to have happened almost by accident, and which scholar and blogger Derek Olsen has repeatedly lamented and sought to change, is how the Daily Office slowly yet systematically began to be...

Relearning the gospel

Stanley Hauerwas, the man whom Time once called “America’s Best Theologian” said, “The future of the church is not found in things like this; the future is doing the same thing Sunday after Sunday.”

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