What has happened in Lusaka? Primates 2016 and ACC-16

What has happened in Lusaka? Primates 2016 and ACC-16 Strangely enough, even though my province has been sanctioned ever so lightly, I feel more a part of a communion than I have in quite some time.

A way forward together (2): ecclesiology

A way forward together (2): ecclesiology If we are indeed to hold together as a church and a Communion, we need a framework and a shared understanding that will last.

Bishops writing up a storm

Bishops writing up a storm Bishops Matt Gunter of Fond du Lac and Jake Owensby of Western Louisiana have been churning out post after post recently. (Is this just post-vacation energy, or is God renewing the vocation of the writing bishop?)

The contradictions of Paul Moore

The contradictions of Paul Moore Paul Moore was bishop of New York for almost twenty years, the capstone on an illustrious life in the ministry. But his sexual life more or less left behind a long wake of emotional destruction, the brunt of which was borne by his two wives.

Scandalum magnum

Bishops do not need to be given honorary doctorates. Bishops should only be given the crosier and the pectoral cross—and they should already possess the Prayer Book, the Bible, and a humble Christian piety which preaches the scandal of scandals: ‘Christ crucified’ (1 Cor. 1:23).

Contraception and controversy

Cross-posted from my blog at Seminary of the Southwest The debate that has raged through the first weeks of this year over contraception has got me noticing how bad we are, generally speaking, at arguing. I am a great fan, as anyone who has taken my “God and Creation” class knows, of good argument. And if that sounds like an oxymoron to you, you’ve got the full support of my oldest daughter, who once...

Bishops on the environment

This is the appointed time for all God’s children to work for the common goal of renewing the earth as a hospitable abode for the flourishing of all life. We are called to speak and act on behalf of God’s good creation.

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