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Songs, sacred and secular

Whether one exults in the tender humanity of these poems, or finds in them a fitting lamentation in a season of loss, Spencer Reece’s voice is unique and worth hearing.

Easter Communion

Easter Communion The poetry of Easter is so very rich — reaching out as far as we can reach in our limited vocabularies for a way to say what needs to be said.

Poem: After an ice storm on Ash Wednesday

  Ice fell from the sky last night, and tree branches now bear its weight. We heard them groan and crack in the dark, gun shots ringing out through the still woods. In the morning some limbs hang at awkward angles, the pale flesh of their trunks gaping at us through the leaves. Above us other branches stretch to the sky, glittering as the sun adorns each one with a thousand diamonds. In these icy...

Two poems for Lent

Two poems for Lent Covenant is interested in publishing poetry on a regular basis, especially poetry that reflects on liturgical or theological themes. Similarly, we are interested essays investigating the theological character of well-known or obscure poems. If you or another reader write poems or essays of literary criticism and would like to submit some for consideration, e-mail zguiliano[at]livingchurch.org. Posts of...

Three poems for the end of Epiphany

Three poems for the end of Epiphany At the far edge of our science we aren’t looking so much at stars anymore as at the older light that was what the stars were before they were stars,

Advent Calendar: on a poem by Rowan Williams

Advent Calendar: on a poem by Rowan Williams Lord Williams of Oystermouth is inter alia an impressive poet and translator of poetry, and each Advent, I’ve found myself returning to one of Williams’s poems: “Advent Calendar.”

Memory and delivery: World War I

Last Tuesday I had a morning with the Dorset Army Cadet Force, at their annual camp. I reminded them of a Russian proverb: "Dwell in the past and you’ll lose an eye. Forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes." We are here today to remember.

Likeness litany: facing the Image

Formed in the image and likeness of God, / We rejoice; / Fired by violence and facing away, / We recoil; / Defaced, despairing, curved in on ourselves, / We cry; / Remaking, repairing, curved into the world, / You come, the Image of God.

Trinity litany: mission in communion

In the beginning, mission in communion: / The Father sent the Son and the Spirit.

Pentecost litany

The Church and the Nations

Ascension song

The riven earth trembles / As up-bearing angels / Host him unaware / Who dashed foot and hand and heart / With five open wounds, / Wine-staining his garments red / A shame to Massless spirits.

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