Mission & the Daily Office II

In my previous post on this topic I addressed how, in our post-Christian context, the Office can serve to renew the catechumenate and foster discipleship. In this one I want to point out how this can relate to the issue — rather obsessively pushed by some in TEC in recent times — of Communion Regardless of Faith and Baptism. I use this phrase because it gets beyond the spin we get talking only...

Mission & the Daily Office I

One of the great achievements of the liturgical revisions of the last century for Anglicans lies in making the Eucharist the central act of worship for the church. Yet one of the attendant misfortunes, which seems to have happened almost by accident, and which scholar and blogger Derek Olsen has repeatedly lamented and sought to change, is how the Daily Office slowly yet systematically began to be...

Pathways to women’s ordination

If it be asked of me why I affirm women’s ordination I’m afraid my answer must turn first of all to my history and not to a revelation. I was raised Pentecostal, and in most Pentecostal churches, continuing the Holiness legacy, women are and have been ordained. (Indeed, it is worth adding, they have been doing so for much longer than The Episcopal Church. The reason it is worth noting is because it...

Prolegomena on women’s ordination

Inevitably, conversation around gay Episcopalians will turn, in certain circles at least, to conversation around women’s ordination.

Futures in Anglo-Catholicism

Fr Robert Hendrickson recently opined that “It’s Time for a New Oxford Movement.” He rightly points out that in many ways, the ’79 BCP represents a decisive move to institutionalize an anglo-catholic liturgical vision.

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