Ever crucified

Ever crucified The other day my son said to my wife, “Talk about Jesus.”

Northanger, Downton, and the terrors of ‘religion’

Northanger, Downton, and the terrors of ‘religion’ We long for visible models of holiness, visible signs that there is more to our lives than the gray monotony of secular disenchantment.

Food of life, food of death

Food of life, food of death Over at the blog of the Diocese of San Diego, John McAteer has argued that the practice of Communion without baptism is "essential for a proper theology of evangelism."

Suffer the little children

Suffer the little children Maybe having children is a goad to holiness because it shows us just how little progress we actually make in holiness.

Being human with St. Francis

Being human with St. Francis Lesser Feasts and Fasts: "Of all the saints, Francis is the most popular and admired, but probably the least imitated; few have attained to his total identification with the poverty and suffering of Christ."

Hot pockets and the hierarchy of good

Hot pockets and the hierarchy of good Teenage boys like Hot Pockets. I do not know why. They also do crazy things like destroying microwaves with overheated Oreos. That’s a new one for me. I’m just settling in to my new job as a boarding school chaplain, and part of my job is supervising one of the boys’ dorms from time to time. The other day, our faculty dorm team was discussing whether we ought to get some extra snacks for the boys to...

My love won’t find you

My love won’t find you I really wanted (more than you know) a new TV; I really want a usable dining room table; I really want a good, stable job. Did I want my children with the same calculus of consumer desire? I hope the answer is no.

On the harrowing of hell

On the harrowing of hell Sam Keyes responds to a question submitted to the Covenant blog regarding the harrowing of hell.

I’m going to shrive you

I’m going to shrive you We do not understand the technology of our redemption. Is the sign of the cross any more "magical" than my iPhone? On a psychological level, it is probably less so.

The maternal priesthood

The maternal priesthood There are two things that reliably make me cry: Mary and babies.

Your own personal Jesus

Your own personal Jesus A relationship with Jesus that purports to be without rules, without "religion," will turn out to be not a relationship but a fantasy.

The assumptions of the Assumption

The assumptions of the Assumption On the face of it, Mary’s Assumption, body and soul, into heaven, is one of the most challenging traditions of the Church. One of my seminary professors loved to say that, for him, the Assumption was just too much of an assumption. It certainly presents a unique obstacle to many of our Protestant brethren. And this is in large part because the event does suggest, in a strange way, that the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus wasn’t enough, that there had to be something more.

Let conscience go

The whole notion, which shows up with dogmatic insistency in A Brutal Unity, that conscience is something that can and should be sacrificed will appear to many Christians as an incomprehensible foreign intrusion into what we take to be the very essence of Christian existence.

Demons are beloved; you’re not

One does not "listen deeply" to those in the same category as child murderers and terrorists.

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