Zombies, pop culture, and the wage slave

Zombies, pop culture, and the wage slave Perhaps the zombie may be a myth at home in the post-Christendom of late modern society.

Tolkien study

Tolkien study I know a lot of Christians really prioritize Bible study. I love reading the Bible, too. But every January I do Tolkien study. Or, to be more exact, Silmarillion study. It wasn’t until I was a graduate student that I finally started reading Tolkien. His work seemed too giant, monolithic, and cumbersome. But it was 2001, and the movies were about to come out, so I figured I should read the books first....

Game and ritual

Game and ritual I have been reading an excellent book by George Skaff Elias, Richard Garfield, and K. Robert Gutschera called The Characteristics of Games. Although they avoid giving any final definition, they offer various rough attempts to define what a game is. They quote the definition of two philosophers (Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman): a “game is a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict,...

Consider the ant

Consider the ant Nathan Jennings: This summer I have been meditating on God’s creation as a way to praise God and work on making my prayer life a bit more concrete.

A Blues Brothers mystagogy

A Blues Brothers mystagogy Every other time I've watched this movie, the repeating theme wherein the “brothers” insist that they are on a “mission from God” came across to me simply as part of the joke of the movie or as a blasphemy.

The end repeats the beginning

The end repeats the beginning The liturgy is a ritual enactment of the Last Day, a corporate enactment of our collective hope. But it also mirrors the beginning of days.

Henri de Lubac and human nature

Henri de Lubac and human nature A key contribution of Henri de Lubac is his argument against "pure nature," the notion that we could conceive of human nature independent of its created end and goal. But creation is never independent from her creator.

Nathan Jennings

A native of Austin, Professor Jennings returned to his hometown when he joined the faculty of Seminary of the Southwest in 2005. Jennings has also served as the Director of the Anglican Studies Program at Seminary of the Southwest since 2008. Jennings is interested in liturgical theology, dogmatic theology, ascetical theology, theological hermeneutics and the way these disciplines intersect and inform one...

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