Cadair Idris: encountering God in Wales

Cadair Idris: encountering God in Wales There is a very old legend that anyone who spends the night on Cadair Idris will either be struck mad or wake up a poet.

Rogation walk

Rogation walk Rogation reminds us that these places that grab hold of our deep affections need to be baptized and to become, if only for those who live there, a little Eden where God still enjoys strolling in the cool of the evening.

A reflection on Hannah’s Child

A reflection on Hannah’s Child Reading Stanley Hauerwas for the first time was a bit like drinking from a new well only to find that the water tastes much the same as the old one. That analogy might almost be a definition of orthodoxy.

Being French: training clergy 2

Being French: training clergy 2 Since the Reformation, the Christian Faith has been reduced to being equated with what happens in the gray matter between our ears. It has focused on believing, rather than belonging or being.

Fragmented formation: training clergy

Fragmented formation: training clergy Most of the conversation on ministerial formation is a load of crock. I suspect we engage in a little false advertising along the lines of: "Be transformed in three easy steps or your money back."

It shall not be among you

It shall not be among you To chase after the rationalized concept of leadership is already to have half-forgotten the tradition of ministry within the Church. It is to have lost touch with the Church's own culture, imagination, symbolism, and ethic. It is to view it as an outsider, as the cold analyzer,

Mark Clavier

Born in Greenville, South Carolina, Mark Clavier was raised in the American Episcopal Church, one of the earliest of the so-called Continuing Anglican churches. Much of his childhood was spent worshiping according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer in living rooms and storefronts. He later attended the College of William and Mary, graduating in 1993 with an A.B. in History. He then went to Duke Divinity...

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