John Kasich, Anglican

John Kasich, Anglican Here's the kind of fellow that we’ve lost in the Episcopal Church: a politically moderate swing-state governor who reads his Bible cover to cover, thinks deeply about it, and tries to put it into practice.

Churches about nothing

Churches about nothing Our Anglican Communion recently decided at its Primates’ Meeting to “walk together." This will be a difficult path: if we are to have any kind of common life worthy of the name, we have to have the “serious conversations.”

Forgetting our memory verses

Forgetting our memory verses Among the greatest gifts of my upbringing in a little prairie Lutheran church was all of the Bible memory verses. My wife had a similar upbringing, and my memory for verses is not what hers is, but nevertheless it does not take much for them to come to mind, especially when I need them most. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,” “For I know the plans I have...

Against the world for the world

Against the world for the world Grass and sky are but a distant memory, as unto the land of Zion for the exiles in Babylon of old. I sit myself down by the rivers of Clear Creek Mall, and sing songs of Zion. It is time to go home.

Say something theological!

Say something theological! In changing its position on marriage, has the Episcopal Church struggled seriously with the strengths and the weaknesses of the Christian tradition, and fully comprehended it even while extending it into new domains?

A church reimagined?

A church reimagined? Most of the talk going into General Convention was about three things: a new presiding bishop, marriage, and restructuring the church. We already know most (though not all) of what will happen with respect to the first two. What about 2012's goal of "reimagining the church"? In the battle between structural reform and institutional inertia, is inertia winning?

Marriage redefined?

Marriage redefined? Yesterday, the bishops voted to implement in church canon law and in trial-run liturgies the situation that obtained in this country before last Friday. That is, there will be a majority of dioceses that perform same-sex marriages, and a minority that will not.

Defining marriage: thoughts from a panel

Defining marriage: thoughts from a panel Perhaps the best thing someone said to me afterwards was, "I wish we had been doing this kind of thing for the past 30 years. I think it would have really been good for the church."

Habemus papam!

Habemus papam! Yesterday morning, the bishops sitting in secret conclave in St. Mark's Cathedral elected one of their brothers as the 27th Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church, the soon-to-be Most Reverend Michael J. Curry. There was, alas, no white smoke from the cathedral chimney.

We are marching in the light of God

We are marching in the light of God All of this has lain heavy like a stone on my heart. But I do not have to live in fear when I go to the house of God on Sunday mornings. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy upon us.

Saints be praised!

Saints be praised! God has chosen to speak in our church by way of Robert’s Rules of Order. I give you two snapshots today of how the apostle Robert has been speaking in the church.

Jesus for Presiding Bishop

Jesus for Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s answers were always the most stirring, but Thomas Breidenthal’s were often the most substantive and clear on specific points of theological and church-political controversy. That is perhaps not surprising. They are men of different gifts. Which gifts does the church need more now?

The divided Church in Joseph Smith’s city

The divided Church in Joseph Smith’s city Salt Lake City in a real sense stands as a judgment upon the divided Church of which our synod claims to be a part.

A response to Haller on marriage

A response to Haller on marriage Tobias Haller misunderstands the philosophical and theological concepts that are being used in the discussion of marriage.

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