Anglican chiropractics

Anglican chiropractics The overuse of technology isn't just a temptation to escape from the present.

A different sort of scholar

A different sort of scholar “My entire worldview has been shaped and transformed by my involvement at the parish near campus.” A junior in college wrote this sentence about the life and work he’s found hanging around the upstairs choir room in the church he attends two blocks from his university campus. Last year, he was confirmed there when he was a sophomore.  He had stumbled in as a freshman, looking for...

The power of prayers

The power of prayers The first night I prayed Compline was the day a friend's child had died. When we arrived at the prayer of St. Augustine, I felt as if it'd been written expressly for that balmy night.

What Benedict taught me about liturgy

In 2010, I adopted a two-year-old German Shepherd, and I named him Benedict. There was a man of German descent on Peter’s pontifical seat, and I was in seminary: it all seemed very clever. As usual, the Holy Spirit took the joke a step further — into truth. When we go to a cabin in the mountains, I take Ben out for his morning jaunt in the pasture, and I enjoy a moment of quiet in the dull but...

Raising Rory & raising Ruth: on Gilmore Girls

Raising Rory & raising Ruth: on Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow, CT, is a school for holiness, in which the Gilmores receive a thorough education and by their graduation day leave all devotees with proud tears in their eyes.

Living water

Living water A few weeks ago, the city of Columbia suffered a break in the water line near my house. For the next two days, I didn’t shower.

The future of the Church

The future of the Church The young people who comprise these choirs develop an ability (now rare) to articulate matters of faith with true conviction and confidence by praying and singing the Psalms and the great music of the Anglican tradition week in and week out and by being encouraged to think about the meaning of what they’re singing and to consider why a composer might have made the musical choices he did.

The age of too much information

Fewer and fewer places boast the community necessary for raising and sustaining people of integrity.

Why kids?

It’s a whole new level of children-should-be-not-heard — we’re moving toward children-need-not-actually-exist.

Worship as acting

“Isn’t it unnatural to do all that standing and kneeling and unfamiliar singing?” A parishioner asks as we meet for coffee one morning. “Why do we have to do all those strange things?”

Why we should dress up for church

If we notice the importance of particular meals in our daily lives (Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas [!]), ought we not remember the Last Supper in the same way?

Emily Hylden

The Rev. Emily Hylden serves as curate at the Church of St. Michael & St. George in St. Louis, Missouri.

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