Discs spinning

Discs spinning Asgeir sent my husband and me on a Norwegian music bender. Here's a short list of the music that's been both background and fuel for my sermon preparation and work the last few months.

The anxiety of possibility

The anxiety of possibility On Friday, I walked to work. It doesn't seem like news worth noting, but what was significant for me was the almost euphoric freedom I felt in the exercise.

Embracing the awkward

Embracing the awkward Completion of a comedy improvisation class ought to be a graduation requirement for seminarians.

holy hands

holy hands I'm currently in a phase of "secular" work (employed at a church, but not empowered to use my "magic hands" — that is, to function as a priest), and have had the opportunity to reflect quite a bit on the boundaries of Christian ministry.

Light, when my only companion is darkness

Light, when my only companion is darkness My dad, an ophthalmologist, tells a joke on his own pe0ple: whatever the ailment and specialty, when diagnosis is more an art than a set of facts, he’ll reply, “Well, that’s a poorly understood branch of medicine.” Of course, they’re all poorly understood branches of medicine. We don’t use leeches to balance humors and bile these days, but who knows what future...


Witnessing A report from the banks of mighty Gills Creek in Columbia, South Carolina. In the wee hours of Sunday, October 4, my phone’s National Weather Service Alert passed along a message I’d never seen before. “Civil Danger Warning, Columbia SC” blared on my screen, with frighteningly little helpful information. My husband and I quickly discovered that water had overrun much of our...

A rationalization for watching too much Netflix

A rationalization for watching too much Netflix I've got a telenovela addiction. Netflix figured out through its very clever algorithms that I am the biggest sucker ever for period dramas.


Last week in yoga class, I learned something new about Jesus.

Everyone’s an artist

It's hard to think of a job worse than that of performance artist — enacting with one's body and very life foundational truths of the universe. And yet...

Anglican chiropractics

Anglican chiropractics The overuse of technology isn't just a temptation to escape from the present.

A different sort of scholar

A different sort of scholar “My entire worldview has been shaped and transformed by my involvement at the parish near campus.” A junior in college wrote this sentence about the life and work he’s found hanging around the upstairs choir room in the church he attends two blocks from his university campus. Last year, he was confirmed there when he was a sophomore.  He had stumbled in as a freshman, looking for...

The power of prayers

The power of prayers The first night I prayed Compline was the day a friend's child had died. When we arrived at the prayer of St. Augustine, I felt as if it'd been written expressly for that balmy night.

What Benedict taught me about liturgy

In 2010, I adopted a two-year-old German Shepherd, and I named him Benedict. There was a man of German descent on Peter’s pontifical seat, and I was in seminary: it all seemed very clever. As usual, the Holy Spirit took the joke a step further — into truth. When we go to a cabin in the mountains, I take Ben out for his morning jaunt in the pasture, and I enjoy a moment of quiet in the dull but...

Raising Rory & raising Ruth: on Gilmore Girls

Raising Rory & raising Ruth: on Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow, CT, is a school for holiness, in which the Gilmores receive a thorough education and by their graduation day leave all devotees with proud tears in their eyes.

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