Two loves in Jesus Christ Superstar

Two loves in Jesus Christ Superstar I can’t help it. In Lent I usually feel nostalgic for the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. One of my older siblings got it right after it came out in the early ’70s. I liked it. No, I loved it. Forgive me if I keep the nostalgia rolling through Easter. I’m sure I went through a period where I was critical of such things, railing at Superstar’s Jesus, who wasn’t orthodox enough, and probably...

Holy Name and a great sacrifice

Holy Name and a great sacrifice Our fear of blood might explain why the feast day we celebrate today is often called Holy Name rather than the Circumcision of Christ (evidently the more common name in days gone by)

Groundhog Day, conversion, and limitations

Groundhog Day, conversion, and limitations Humans don’t like limitations. This isn’t entirely a bad thing. The drive to transcend what we are has led to great advances in many areas of science and technology. Heart valves and airplanes, cars and dental implants, satellites and toy poodles; they all come from our desire to do things that are denied to us naturally. The desire to be more than we are has had many outlets in art, especially...

Going radical on Cornelius

Going radical on  Cornelius Covenant has recently been taking a look at the conversion of Cornelius. I want to propose that the story is more radical than people have imagined.

Putting the sails back up

Putting the sails back up Christians from very early on took the ship as symbol for the Church. It seems to me that the crew of the Episcopal Church has spent time striking the sails.

Creation is central

Creation is central A theology of Creation is absolutely critical for understanding a number of disputed doctrinal issues.

Any way the wind blows

Any way the wind blows If the Church loses its grasp on meaning and hope, what do we have to give to the world?

A response to “The Voices of Buchenwald”

A response to “The Voices of Buchenwald” If universalism is true, it cannot be true apart from the Cross. Humanity is broken and needs to be fixed.


Enthusiasm Samuel Johnson’s 1755 The Dictionary of the English Language defines “enthusiasm” in this way: "A vain belief of private revelation; a vain confidence of divine favour or communication." I admit that I am an enthusiast.

Radically centered

Radically centered People that know me know that I will often count the number of times Jesus is mentioned in a sermon, article, blog post, or other written or spoken medium. I will admit that this is a bit of spiritual OCD on my part.

Charlie Clauss

Charlie Clauss teaches middle school math and science at Hand in Hand Christian Montessori in Bloomington, MN.

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