Orlando travesty

Orlando travesty The travesty of the predominant Orlando narrative is devastating because it questions many peoples' real charitable motives in the aftermath.

Reconsidering the Benedict Option and Yale

Reconsidering the Benedict Option and Yale Last year I was very concerned about higher education. In fact, it seemed to me that our elite institutions were going to become no-go zones for anyone who did not toe the progressive line that moves further out by the minute. Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option presented an easy explanation and solution: See, everything is going to hell. Let’s abandon mainstream life and hunker down. In recent months I have...

10 tips for domestic beauty

10 tips for domestic beauty If beauty will save the world, how do we participate in it? 10 tips.

Beauty in continuity

Beauty in continuity The paintings in the Chauvet Cave scream out a message of beauty in continuity. They reflect a sacrosanct cultural order that was highly successful for hundreds of generations in instilling its values via the representation of the world outside the walls of the cave.

Dear Donald

Dear Donald You have really come along at the worst possible time. I had planned a return to the Republican Party, and you are standing in my way.

Infinite Beauty

Infinite Beauty Beauty cannot be suppressed, even by the Church, and Infinite Beauty, who is our living God, really will save the world.

Beauty will save the world

Beauty will save the world We’ve forgotten what art is for. We need places to live, work, and worship: They are useful for us when they reflect our value as creatures of Beauty itself.

Sufjan blessed my year

Sufjan blessed my year I was a big Sufjan fan about ten years ago, but I forgot about him for a while. I was called back to my senses with the release of Carrie and Lowell.

Abortion is not a blessing

Abortion is not a blessing Abortion is not a blessing. Let us in all humility never be afraid to say so. And may the prayers of the Holy Innocents ascend to the throne of grace to strengthen us in God’s saving work

The Benedict Option and Yale

The Benedict Option and Yale Recent turmoil at Yale University reveals the inevitable cultural aporia that has resulted a generation after Justice Kennedy’s opinion in Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Mad as hell

Mad as hell The market demands anger — on its terms. It is a strange fact. It works well for certain politicians but it works poorly in governing. It can raise awareness of injustice and also impede consensus-building that could fix injustice.

TV culture

TV culture In 1955, The Ed Sullivan Show was one of the most popular television programs in America. Those of us born in the age of cable, let alone the age of the Internet, can hardly imagine the cultural impact of a show like this. As Marty McFly was reminded by the 1955 version of his uncle in Back to the Future, re-runs were not an option. People tuned in and watched what was on. Ed Sullivan famously hosted...

Churches need incense

Churches need incense Incense may not be a hill worth dying on, but it is at least a hill worth strategizing for. It is a shot to the gut of comfortable, consumer-friendly religion.

Is idolatry impossible?

Is idolatry impossible? Perhaps it is time for us Christians to stop imagining that anyone really desires anything more than God.

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