Mad as hell

Mad as hell The market demands anger — on its terms. It is a strange fact. It works well for certain politicians but it works poorly in governing. It can raise awareness of injustice and also impede consensus-building that could fix injustice.

TV culture

TV culture In 1955, The Ed Sullivan Show was one of the most popular television programs in America. Those of us born in the age of cable, let alone the age of the Internet, can hardly imagine the cultural impact of a show like this. As Marty McFly was reminded by the 1955 version of his uncle in Back to the Future, re-runs were not an option. People tuned in and watched what was on. Ed Sullivan famously hosted...

Churches need incense

Churches need incense Incense may not be a hill worth dying on, but it is at least a hill worth strategizing for. It is a shot to the gut of comfortable, consumer-friendly religion.

Is idolatry impossible?

Is idolatry impossible? Perhaps it is time for us Christians to stop imagining that anyone really desires anything more than God.

Fr. Thomas Hopko: my favorite priest

Fr. Thomas Hopko: my favorite priest Over the last five years, the priest that has undoubtedly had the largest impact on my ministry is Fr. Thomas Hopko, who departed this life in March 2015. I was thinking of him and giving thanks for his life recently after listening to this tribute, aired last month on Ancient Faith Radio. I never met Fr. Tom, but I felt as though he was a fast friend and something of a disembodied mentor. He was a good...

Our progressive pope?

Our progressive pope? Pope Francis’s plea, like the Gospel he proclaims, comes first as a sledgehammer, and then as a balm. The Gospel is the bane of all ideologies.

The Narnia Church

The Narnia Church Narnia is best understood as analogous to the Church, where all kinds of magical things and all kinds of brokenness exist side-by-side.

The Narnia option

The Narnia option C.S. Lewis's The Abolition of Man, like Huxley’s Brave New World, sounds a thoroughly pessimistic note. But Christian hope for the renewal of creation permeates Lewis’s fiction.

The new Areopagus: a 21st-century speech

The new Areopagus: a 21st-century speech Andrew Petiprin on a new fragment of the Apostle Paul's speech to the Areopagus.

Prayer culture

Prayer culture God wants to transform me and use the transformed me to transform his world. But how?

Analog Christianity

Analog Christianity Convenience is sometimes overrated. It can even obscure what is good, holy, and true.

We’re praying wrong

We’re praying wrong Petitionary prayer has run amok. We should be doing it, but to what end?

New curiosity shops

New curiosity shops The world sure needs lots of high-quality everything to contrast with all the low-quality alternatives. Why shouldn’t Christians be the ones to offer it? Maybe some enchantment will follow.

The broken glass of the world

The broken glass of the world My cousin and I have an ongoing conversation that could be titled “What’s Next?” Our exchanges normally revolve around the dreadful state of education and the arts, whose jagged shards we break into even smaller bits. It is mostly an exercise for getting grouchiness out, while keeping it away from our wives, children, and in my case, parishioners. In our better moments, we have wildly optimistic ideas about how to put the pieces back together in the form of something holy and beautiful.

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