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The same but different

The same but different In Norfolk, England, where I spent most of my teens, there’s a saying. “It’s the same but different.” I’ve never fathomed quite what it means but I find it delightful. We have stumbled into a world where difference is in style.

Reclaiming time

Reclaiming time “Seven times a day do I praise thee; because of thy righteous judgments”, sang the Psalmist. In an age when the motion of the clock seems increasingly without form and void, ordering time according to the rhythms of grace is a subversive act.

Radically centered

Radically centered People that know me know that I will often count the number of times Jesus is mentioned in a sermon, article, blog post, or other written or spoken medium. I will admit that this is a bit of spiritual OCD on my part.

Lamentabili voce

Lamentabili voce Many, including myself, looked on with profound respect earlier this year when several Russian Orthodox monks from a monastery of the Kiev caves placed themselves between disgruntled Ukrainians and the government police in what appeared to be a peace protest. The politics of these gestures, however, were inevitably more complicated than met the eye.

Theology and electroshock

Theology and electroshock I’m going to interrupt the regular learned commentary on this site to propose a somewhat ridiculous thought experiment. What if we imagined a religious Milgram experiment? What if the experimenter coldly instructing a subject to punish a failing learner with electroshock had theological authority?

The metrics of reform?

The Task Force for Reimagining the Episcopal Church has delivered a 3,000-word document in language somewhere between the satire of Dilbert and the jargon of a Bain Capital report.

Curiosity’s children

Curiosity’s children I wonder if the unencumbered thirst for knowledge that is so glorified in our culture has brought with it an inclination towards vice, or a particular kind of vice, that might otherwise go under the radar.

Praying for the world when bad news abounds

Praying for the world when bad news abounds On a trip to the Holy Land in 2008, I found myself riveted by an unusual mosaic of Jesus on the Church of All Nations, depicting Jesus as our intercessor, kneeling at the center of the image with two groups of people flanking him.

Digital charity: creating a healthy online church community

Digital charity: creating a healthy online church community It’s a situation that is becoming more and more common: the parish rector maintains an active presence on Facebook and someone manages to become offended, perhaps at a very innocuous comment.

WelbyWatch 1: the Community of St Anselm

WelbyWatch 1: the Community of St Anselm Archbishop Justin longs that Lambeth Palace be not so much a historic place of power and authority, but a place from which blessing and service reach to the ends of the earth. Thus, the Community of St Anselm.

One needful thing

One needful thing The first definition of the human creature is "homo adorans": a mortal is first a priest. The Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve stands in the center of the world and unifies it by blessing God.

Musings on Calvary

Musings on Calvary Calvary is really about being a Christian, which means being willing to follow Jesus into the valley of the shadow of death, confident even in the midst of fear and pain that “thou art with me” (Ps 23:4).

The ecclesial ethics of moving furniture

The ecclesial ethics of moving furniture Moving the furniture one inch per year is not simply folk wisdom. It's sound theology.

Star Wars, play, and story: priestly formation

Star Wars, play, and story: priestly formation There’s a distinction between playing the game and knowing the game. Being “right” about the nature of the Dark Side was important for how roleplaying worked, but it wasn’t the point of the game The point was doing the good, given the constraints of the story.

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