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New curiosity shops

New curiosity shops The world sure needs lots of high-quality everything to contrast with all the low-quality alternatives. Why shouldn’t Christians be the ones to offer it? Maybe some enchantment will follow.

Prayer, dependence, and grace

Prayer, dependence, and grace For the Augustinian Friars, a religious order founded in the thirteenth century, the grace and transforming love of God begins with God and extends from God to humanity, rather than humanity building a ladder, a route that ends only back with humanity and false idols.

Being French: training clergy 2

Being French: training clergy 2 Since the Reformation, the Christian Faith has been reduced to being equated with what happens in the gray matter between our ears. It has focused on believing, rather than belonging or being.

Culture of conspiracy

Culture of conspiracy Conspiracy theories used to be the specialty of anti-Semitic, New Age, or Christian dispensationalist subcultures, but, over the last decade and with the advent of the Internet, they've become more mainstream.

TBT 2009: 42 theses on Anglicanism

TBT 2009: 42 theses on Anglicanism From time to time in history, there are periods of tremendous upset, which occur at the same time as periods of tremendous intellectual ferment. Anglicanism is undergoing the birth pains of a new synthesis.

Mercy and judgment: on baseball and steroids

Mercy and judgment: on baseball and steroids In 2013, no baseball players were considered clean enough to be honored with Hall of Fame induction. Sometimes justice demands that when sin has worked its way so deeply into a group of people, the whole thing must go before there can be a new beginning.

On BBQ and other mysteries

On BBQ and other mysteries What constitutes a valid BBQ? And do our cookbooks shape or reflect our knowledge of the real thing?

Schools of charity? Tell me more.

Schools of charity? Tell me more. Monasticism can, and should, be a model for the "priesthood of all believers."

Confirmation of ACNA’s revolutionary theology?

Confirmation of ACNA’s revolutionary theology? It's worth reading a recent statement to see what our ACNA brethren are thinking regarding the hotly debated question of Confirmation. What is most interesting is that they are following precisely the revolutionary changes introduced in the 1979 BCP of the Episcopal Church.

Christ in the Old Testament: the story of a seminar

Christ in the Old Testament: the story of a seminar What ties the project of theological exegesis together? Can we read the Old Testament allegorically and christologically? If so, what are the controls?

What Benedict taught me about liturgy

In 2010, I adopted a two-year-old German Shepherd, and I named him Benedict. There was a man of German descent on Peter’s pontifical seat, and I was in seminary: it all seemed very clever. As usual, the Holy Spirit took the joke a step further — into truth. When we go to a cabin in the mountains, I take Ben out for his morning jaunt in the pasture, and I enjoy a moment of quiet in the dull but...

Fragmented formation: training clergy

Fragmented formation: training clergy Most of the conversation on ministerial formation is a load of crock. I suspect we engage in a little false advertising along the lines of: "Be transformed in three easy steps or your money back."

Feed the children

Feed the children When the words “controversy” and “the Episcopal Church” are combined, they almost inevitably lead to the topic of human sexuality. While this is understandable, it obscures the fact that there are other, less headline-grabbing debates going on within our beloved church. One that keeps popping up among my friends, particularly those with young children, is the issue of infant communion. Having...

Against empathy?

Against empathy? Is there a Christian alternative to empathy? Can we react to others with compassionate warmth and care without imagining that we need to experience what they experience?

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