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God’s visitation

God’s visitation In older Anglican prayerbooks, "The Order for the Visitation of the Sicke" instructed the minister to direct an exhortation to the sick person. He or she is to know "certainly" that "your sickness...is God's visitation."

C.S. Lewis, my spiritual conductor

C.S. Lewis, my spiritual conductor November 22 was the day we remembered C.S. Lewis in the Episcopal Church calendar. To honor him, I decided to write of his influence on me.

The baggage of evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail

The baggage of evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail Fortunately or unfortunately, there still seems to be an ever widening stream of ex-evangelical converts to Anglicanism, sometimes to the mutual benefit of those involved, but often to the loss of evangelical denominations.

Goodbye to my guitar hero

Goodbye to my guitar hero I am overwhelmed by Bruce Cockburn’s preference for ideological purity over doctrinal clarity, his contempt for conservatives, and his follow-your-bliss sexual morality.

Quiet reforms: the Vatican and priestly marriage

Quiet reforms: the Vatican and priestly marriage Without announcement (and with almost as little notice), a Vatican reform was published in the official directory of the Holy See: it plain states that the Eastern churches in Communion with Rome may have a married presbyterate anywhere in the world they happen to be.

The precariousness of Christian lives in some regions

The precariousness of Christian lives in some regions The headlines reporting this story seem as though they are reaching for a way to absolve the murderers of guilt.

The contradictions of Paul Moore

The contradictions of Paul Moore Paul Moore was bishop of New York for almost twenty years, the capstone on an illustrious life in the ministry. But his sexual life more or less left behind a long wake of emotional destruction, the brunt of which was borne by his two wives.

Congregations rule

Congregations rule The bottom-up, congregational model is legally mandatory in Texas. So, a professedly Methodist congregation is only connectional if it chooses to be so and signs legal documents to that effect.

Graveyard homes

Graveyard homes My wife and I are raising our two sons in a graveyard. For the churchyard is clearly a place for the living, as well as the dead.


Enthusiasm Samuel Johnson’s 1755 The Dictionary of the English Language defines “enthusiasm” in this way: "A vain belief of private revelation; a vain confidence of divine favour or communication." I admit that I am an enthusiast.

Henri de Lubac and human nature

Henri de Lubac and human nature A key contribution of Henri de Lubac is his argument against "pure nature," the notion that we could conceive of human nature independent of its created end and goal. But creation is never independent from her creator.

Changes at the helm

Changes at the helm He also said to the crowds, “When you see a cloud rising in the west, you immediately say, ‘It is going to rain’; and so it happens.”  (Luke 13:54 Looking simply at the sheer number of turnovers in leadership at Episcopal seminaries in the last three years suggests that change is in the wind. The recent debacles surfacing at General Theological Seminary and before that, at Episcopal Divinity...

The not-so-reverend Reverend

The not-so-reverend Reverend Some of us need to be reminded that, while the Church is indeed a divine institution, it can oftentimes be all too human.

Sacramental depth in difficulty

Sacramental depth in difficulty Might it be that theological insight is most likely to occur in the state of “vulnerability and unprotectedness,” in those moments that seem very dark indeed? There might be evidence for this in the thought of Bonhoeffer and Merton.

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