A call to arms

A call to arms Just the other day, I was reflecting on an influential saint of modern times, whose voluminous songbook has had considerable influence across the globe. His Christian name is Vincent Damon Furnier, but extant evidence demonstrates that he preferred the more ecclesiastical title of Alice Cooper. He is best known for his thesis on Judas, “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” and his reflection on human...

O Lord, open thou our lips

O Lord, open thou our lips I grew up in the Pentecostal Church, which is another way of saying I grew up in a tradition where we go to church to sing. This value for singing and musical expression was ubiquitous. On our way to church, we would listen to praise music; in church, I would tarry at the altar call singing “Let It Rain,” “Oh The Glory of Your Presence,” “I Just Can’t Stop Praising His Name,” and, “I...

Anxiety and the cross

Anxiety and the cross Bobbie Carlyle has sculpted the statue of the Self Made Man, the ideal icon of the present age. It is also a myth. One wonders if an adequate interpretation would be of an anxious person trying to shed the weighty stone entrapping him.

Clint Wilson

Fr. Clint Wilson discerned a call to ordained ministry through a vibrant local parish that helped him imagine anew the possibilities for what a Kingdom-coming-on-earth kind of community can look like.

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