The broken glass of the world

The broken glass of the world My cousin and I have an ongoing conversation that could be titled “What’s Next?” Our exchanges normally revolve around the dreadful state of education and the arts, whose jagged shards we break into even smaller bits. It is mostly an exercise for getting grouchiness out, while keeping it away from our wives, children, and in my case, parishioners. In our better moments, we have wildly optimistic ideas about how to put the pieces back together in the form of something holy and beautiful.

Homesick at home

Homesick at home What, then, is the strategy for staying in the Episcopal Church? To borrow from Chesterton, it means at times being “homesick at home."

Considering the Trullo Canons

I recently received three sets of books that I had imagined since seminary seeing on my shelves one day: the Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers (I & II). I couldn’t wait to begin dipping into Chrysostom’s homilies and selections from Augustine that I had never read.

Andrew Petiprin

Andrew Petiprin is a priest of the Diocese of Central Florida and Rector of St. Mary of the Angels Episcopal Church in his hometown of Orlando.

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