The enemies of the Cross

The enemies of the Cross How have we set ourselves up as enemies of the Cross? In what ways have we avoided the suffering which establishes community?

Reconciling the irreconcilable

Bishop Dan Martins writes at Confessions of a Carioca regarding ecclesial conflict, rupture, and reconciliation: I am also resolutely a member of the Episcopal Church, and by the providential sufferance of Almighty God, a bishop therein. I attempt to lead and care for a diocese, and I attempt to dutifully take my share in “the councils of the church,” per my ordination vows. And as I go about...

Ashen living: Better Call Saul and the life of repentance

Ashen living: Better Call Saul and the life of repentance Unlike Saul Goodman, there is for us an ashen existence that is humble, repentant, and thankful, aware of grace and full of grace.

Why we listen to Stephen Fry

Why we listen to Stephen Fry An interview clip of the famous atheist has gone viral. So what?

A holy gluttony?

A holy gluttony? There is a holy gluttony in which we have only begun to indulge. May we remember to do so this Advent.

Throwback Thursday 1: “Rebooting Anglican communication”

Throwback Thursday 1: “Rebooting Anglican communication” "We have lost the capacity to receive what is new," says Michael Poon. Hip as we are here at Covenant, we thought it might be fitting to tap into the general cultural expectation around Throwback Thursday, but subvert it a bit, highlighting some past contributions of enduring value.

The unashamed Anglican: Stephen Sykes, 1939–2014

The unashamed Anglican: Stephen Sykes, 1939–2014 Do Anglicans have doctrines? Or is Anglicanism an empty container, into which one can pour whatever one likes?

WelbyWatch 1: the Community of St Anselm

WelbyWatch 1: the Community of St Anselm Archbishop Justin longs that Lambeth Palace be not so much a historic place of power and authority, but a place from which blessing and service reach to the ends of the earth. Thus, the Community of St Anselm.

The assumption of labor

We bear hope that the present wounds in the Church might themselves herald the arrival of something ever old and ever new, the appearance of the City with eternal foundations. Indeed, we have faith that God wishes to build something out of the weeping ruins of our division.

Teaching with power and love

For those who have been called to teaching, “we should not think it is sufficient for our salvation” if we shirk our duties in a time of theological malaise; it is not enough if we come up simply to the level of an “untaught crowd” (Bede, Homily 1.20). Make no mistake: the teachers of the Church will be judged for this turn.

Covenant relaunch

Covenant relaunch Covenant is about to enter a new stage of its life. Filling a long-needed niche in the Anglican blogging world, it will be a place for generous, orthodox commentary, conversation, and mutual formation that is evangelical and catholic, academic and pastoral, Anglican and ecumenical.

On the Octave of Corpus Christi

As I was traveling on Corpus Christi itself, I didn’t have a chance to post something useful or interesting. I offer this for the Octave: a selected translation from the De institutione clericorum of Rabanus Maurus, Abbot of Fulda and Archbishop of Mainz (d. 856). This work was one of those handbooks of ‘basic’ doctrine made in the Carolingian era and frequently used for the instruction...

Bad art and the Church

I am somewhat surprised to find myself defending the use of “bad” art, at least in religious settings, and I should admit from the beginning that I write in partial hope of persuading myself in the wake of Trinity Sunday, when we’ve realized the degree to which our conceptions fail to grasp the mystery of God’s being.

What the Ascension is (and isn’t)

The Ascension is a real departure and a real exaltation into the heavens. At the same time, we are sure that his body is present with us in mysteries and sacraments: in Eucharist and Baptism, in the gathered church, in particular saints.

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