Abp. Welby’s priority: prayer

To raise a call to prayer, to make it one’s priority beyond all other things, is to declare that prayer has, in some sense, been devalued of late or even abandoned in favor of other activities or no activity.

Keeping Easter in a world of change

My early formation as an Episcopalian was shaped to a large extent by the first person I ever felt confident in calling “my priest.” Among his many notable features, I learned much from the way he kept Easter. He would remind us Sunday after Sunday, from our Easter Vigil onwards, that we were still in the “great fifty days” and that Easter had not ended in any sense. Our celebration was ongoing....

The enemies of the cross

“For many walk as enemies of the cross of Christ…” We have now entered Holy Week and have begun our intense contemplation of the passion and cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. The season of Lent is ending, but this reading from Philippians assigned for the Daily Office presses upon us precisely as our time of denial draws nearer to its appointed end, to its climax and completion in the Triduum. At...

Return to your first love

I would like to think that we have not become so warped by our passions and by a reliance on our controversies to sustain our interest in one another, in Anglican forms of Christian faith, and, ultimately, in Christ. But I fear we may have. And so I must recall to us all, those resonant words from Christ: “I have this against you, that you have abandoned your first love.”

Authority and invisible activities

For the last several years, it has been my habit to keep abreast of news in the Roman Catholic community for what may be obvious reasons: they are the largest organized Christian body in the world, and what they do and don’t do, what they say and don’t say, inevitably affects our our work and witness.

Zachary Guiliano

Zachary Guiliano is a Ph.D. candidate in medieval history at St. John’s College (University of Cambridge) and a Gates Cambridge Scholar.

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