The burden of angels

The burden of angels A few months ago, I was in a conversation with a friend (a former classmate and now a fellow seminary professor at a different institution). She mentioned at some point that she didn’t believe that angels really exist. “They don’t fit within my metaphysics,” she explained. I was flummoxed. I couldn’t recall ever hearing anyone say that before. But as I thought about it, I...

Seven theses on the episcopacy

Seven theses on the episcopacy One of the oddities of ecclesial life is that priests can’t be members of a parish. When ordained, the new cleric’s “residency” moves from a parish to the diocese; more specifically, the residency moves to the clericus, the body of clergy within a diocese. The same holds for a bishop, who upon ordination leaves the diocesan clericus to join the college of bishops (not simply the Episcopal House of...

Confirmation of ACNA’s revolutionary theology?

Confirmation of ACNA’s revolutionary theology? It's worth reading a recent statement to see what our ACNA brethren are thinking regarding the hotly debated question of Confirmation. What is most interesting is that they are following precisely the revolutionary changes introduced in the 1979 BCP of the Episcopal Church.

How radical a revision?

How radical a revision? Urban T. Holmes claimed that those who resisted the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, as well as the charismatic renewal movement, reflected “a nostalgia for a classical theology which many theologians know has not been viable for almost two hundred years." But is that what the BCP represents?

Strive to enter that rest

Strive to enter that rest The Daily Office requires each Christian to begin the day by reciting Psalm 95, meditating on the profound similarity between Israel's rebellion and the rebellion that lurks deep in every heart.

One needful thing

One needful thing The first definition of the human creature is "homo adorans": a mortal is first a priest. The Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve stands in the center of the world and unifies it by blessing God.

Matthew S.C. Olver

Fr. Matthew S. C. Olver is the Teaching Fellow in Liturgics at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, a doctoral student at Marquette University, and assists at the Cathedral Church of All Saints in Milwaukee, WI. A priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, he was assistant rector at Church of the Incarnation (Dallas) from 2006-13, , where he oversaw her worship life and adult formation. A graduate of...

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