Will the goats please stand up?

Will the goats please stand up? For despite the major things Godspell gets wrong, I think it gets this one thing right. It is only those who continue to beg for mercy, who persevere in the face of judgment that have the temerity to start building the Beautiful City, brick by brick, heart by heart.

If you love Brené Brown, you might believe in original sin

If you love Brené Brown, you might believe in original sin You might not buy the story that grounds Christianity’s doctrine of original sin. But if you take Christianity’s doctrine of original sin and put it side-by-side with Dr. Brown’s assertions about shame, guilt, and perfectionism, you'll find they line up more closely than you first expected.

God making room

God making room "He was in the world, and the world came into being through him; yet the world did not know him." At the nativity, there was no room for God in the world.


Health Good structures are necessary but not sufficient conditions for healthy churches in the twenty-first century.

Star Wars, play, and story: priestly formation

Star Wars, play, and story: priestly formation There’s a distinction between playing the game and knowing the game. Being “right” about the nature of the Dark Side was important for how roleplaying worked, but it wasn’t the point of the game The point was doing the good, given the constraints of the story.

Prepare the feast

The Scholar-Priest Initiative strives to reconnect academic theology to its ecclesial roots.

Jason Ingalls

The Rev. Jason Ingalls is Rector of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit in Waco, TX and President of the Board of Directors and Director pro tem of the Scholar-Priest Initiative. He studied theology at John Brown University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Wycliffe College, Toronto, and has served in campus ministry at Vanderbilt University and Tennessee Technical University. Before moving to Waco...

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