No one is a no one

No one is a no one There is not a man, woman, or child that we will not declare a no one if it suits our interests, that we will not drive to the brow of the hill, so that we might hurl them off the cliff. But no one is a no one.

Ambassadors for the Gospel

Whereas in the course of the progress of the reign of God it becomes necessary for the Church to dissolve the bonds which hinder it from assuming an equal station among the principalities and powers of the earth

Jon Adamson

Jon Adamson lives in rural Cass County, Michigan, just north of the state line from Indiana with his wife, Hollie, and their two sons, Benjamin and William. His work experience is primarily in the construction trades, but he was hired to serve on the staff of the Diocese of Northern Indiana as the Secretary to the Bishop in 2007 and was made the Diocesan Administrator in 2011. His maternal grandparents...

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