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Liturgists Return to the Baptismal Font

A Brief Theology
of Zombies
By William O. Daniel, Jr.

Meditation by the Pool
By Charlie Ritch

By Betsy Childs

The Transfiguration of Christ and Creation by John Gatta
Review by Jesse Zink

A Following Holy Life edited by Kenneth Stevenson
Review by Benjamin M. Guyer

Maiden, Mother and Queen by Roger Greenacre
The Blessed Virgin Mary by Tim Perry
Review by Peter Doll

Consecrated Spirits by Felicity Leng
Review by Sister Mary Jean

Catholic Voices

First in a Series on The Bible in the Life of the Church

By Robert MacSwain

A Welcome Breakthrough
By Bolly Lapok

Answered Prayers in a Soaking Rain
By Douglas Taylor-Weiss

Other Departments
Sunday’s Readings
People & Places

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I am senior editor of The Living Church and a member of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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