We’re the us we’ve been waiting for


Campus Crusade for Christ International is the name of our global mission. In the U.S., we are now known as Cru.

There’s only one reason for our new name; we want to do a better job of connecting people to God’s love and forgiveness. It’s all about helping people experience the good news that Jesus offers. —From cru.org, July 2011

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On 20 November 2012, our name changed from USPG (United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) to United Society, but we will be known as Us.

Why? USPG was derived from a name coined in 1701, and it had become clear this eighteenth-century name was not connecting with people in the twenty-first century. —From weareUs.org.uk, November 22

Clearly the 21st-century Church is in crisis. Too many syllables render innumerable adults incapable of understanding the plain-sense meaning of words. We are here to help.

Crystal Cathedral Ministries Cry

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Fellows

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Franklin!

Joel Osteen Ministries Joe O

Anglican Consultative Council Klatch

Worldwide Anglican Communion Big Nave

The Episcopal Church L’il Nave

Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order Glue

Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON)
and Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FoCA) Confer

Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns Pax

Standing Commission on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations EcuRel

Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism StampOutSin

Lambeth Palace LamPal

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, Intersex and Allies L&c

Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards of the General Convention Uncle

2 Responses to “We’re the us we’ve been waiting for”

  1. Richard Kew says:

    I discovered very quickly after moving to the UK that it is a crime to be old-fashioned here. The trouble is that by being new-fashioned like “Us” disconnects you from your history — a heritage which the politically correct might consider an embarrassment!

  2. InterVarsity has always had the problem of people thinking we have something to do with sports.

    “Fellows” will set up a whole new set of issues!

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