The Rt. Rev. Wallis C. Ohl, Bishop of Ft. Worth, and the Rt. Rev. John C. Buchanan, Bishop of Quincy, have asked General Convention to “set the record straight” on hierarchy in the Episcopal Church. They also have accused nine brother bishops of “boundary-crossing.” Their letter follows.

Ohl-Buchanan Letter

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I have now pulled off the shelf the recently published volume by James Dator, Many Parts, One Body: How the Episcopal Church Works (Church Publishing, 2010). I hope to begin reading it this weekend. While thumbing through the pages and then reading the conclusion, I came across the following, fascinating statements: “The basis, or locus, of governing authority in the Episcopal Church is one of the most vexing problem in connections with its polity.” (p. 143) and then: “The church has not made an official and final decision concerning the question of the source of governing authority. All three of… Read more »