Tony Clavier


I was born in Yorkshire, England, at the beginning of World War II. My father was from the West Indies and an officer in the Royal Tank Corps who won the Military Cross at Dunkirk. My mother from Yorkshire was a district nurse-midwife. I’ve been in the United States, on and off, since 1967. I am a student of church history with particular emphasis on Anglicanism in the late 16th to late 18th Century.

I’ve been in the ordained ministry for more than 40 years. For 25 years I served as a bishop in the American Episcopal Church (now the Anglican Province of America) and was present at the creation of two parishes from scratch, entirely financed by the local parishioners.

I was received into the Episcopal Church in 1999 and licensed to function as a priest. I’ve held parishes in Arkansas; South Dakota; France, where I was dean of the Institute of Christian Studies; West Virginia; La Porte, Indiana. I am now vicar of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, Glen Carbon, and St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, Granite City, in the Diocese of Springfield. I also write for Sermons that Work, a service of the Episcopal Church.

My posts may be found here.

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