Christopher Yoder


Christopher YoderThe Rev. Christopher Yoder serves as curate at Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, Texas. He grew up in a Mennonite church and on a dairy farm in the hills of western Pennsylvania.

He received his undergraduate degree in philosophy and theology from Wheaton College, where he took his first steps on the Canterbury trail. He discerned a vocation to the priesthood while studying at Duke Divinity School, earning his MDiv in 2012. He was ordained priest by the Bishop of Dallas in June 2015.
Christopher loves running, illuminated manuscripts, and Augustine. He is married to Audra, who is, inter alia, a historian of imperial Russia.

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  1. A.OrleySwartzentruber says:

    Yoder, really?

    Swartzentruber here. Amos Orley – you can look me up.
    In retirement 20 years.

    Born in Argentina (parents missionaries). Goshen College and Seminary. Classmate of John H. Yoder Founded Mennonite congregation in a Paris suburb – currently planning to build.

    On return for furlough began graduate study (Prin. Sem.) in OT and with interruptions ended up in Princeton U., Religion, PhD. Vicar,then Rector of All Saints’, Princeton for 20 years. Twice deputy to GC: Women’s Ord., (Con)), New Prayer Book, (Pro).

    Just now by mistake hit on Covenant, and saw your name.
    Welcome to the One Holy Catholic!


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