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Blue Notes for Holy Week

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Rev. Tim Boniface, curate of St. Nicholas Church in Chislehurst, Kent, talks with Mandy Carr about his recording The Eight Words:

Late 2015, I had a conversation with Martin Evans (ex-Greenbelt director) in which we agreed I’d write a new jazz suite for the community ‘ArtsFest’ to be held in Holy Week at St. Paul’s Church in Cambridge. After searching around for some inspiration, I recalled having read Michael Sadgrove’s book The Eight Words of Jesus. I decided to write a suite examining each of the eight sayings of Jesus in St John’s passion. I was thrilled to work with three absolutely stunning jazz players based in London and we premiered it in Holy Week 2016. Shortly afterwards, I agreed with Westcott House in Cambridge that we would jointly release a studio recording of the project, with the profits going towards their development project. The CD, The Eight Words, is now available, and we’re performing it around the place a bit too — not least at St. Nicholas in Chislehurst on 8th April.

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